On Wednesday the 5th of July we visited the company „Noweda“. Our classmate Sindy guided us through the company because she works there.

At first we went to a meeting room where she told us some facts about the company. Noweda is a wholesaler for pharmacies, hospitals etc. They store articles like medicine, alcohol, chemicals, toiletries, anaesthetics, food, drink and many more.

The branch in Taucha was formed in 1992.The headquarter is located in Essen and the year of foundation is 1939. Noweda in Taucha has 237 employees and 18 apprentices. The size of the site is 50,000 m².

When Sindy had finished to tell us all that she guided us through the warehouse. We started with the office where we found the customer service, purchasing and sales departments. After that we went to the work scheduling where Sindy told us that Noweda supplies up to 600 pharmacies daily.

Also she showed us the goods receipt, picking, customer returns, replenishment, refrigeration department, narcotics warehouse and in the end the vehicle fleet.

She said: „At Noweda in Taucha we use three different picking methods: zone picking method, piece picking or picker to part method and pick to box method. We have some special kinds of racks to store the goods: pallet racks, gravity racks and honeycomb racks. We use a 2.3 km belt conveyor, little trucks, handlifts, utility knives and a lot more equipment.

In each department Sindy gave us relevant and important information about this part of the company which we should know.

The study trip was really interesting and I would recommend a trip to Noweda to other classes and students.

Vanessa Herrmann and Sindy Nitschke, FfL 17b



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